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Sometimes, if you're a really good thrall, people get jealous.


Gay robot girl hacks gay robot girl.


If a pair of headphones play brainwashing noise but the only one to hear it is a deeply entranced dragoness, do they make a sound?

Double Agent (Guardian II)

Dariel and Tomas split up while trying to infiltrate the Quasar complex, leaving him all alone in the heart of the enemy.... until he finds a friend who helps him see the error of his ways.


Never take MMO quests from strange dragons that weren't in the patch notes.


For AIs, the mind is quite separate from the body. Some only live in electronic castles in the cloud, some wear bodies like baseline humans choose clothes. And some were born organic before they chose to become silicon and electrons and light. But not everybody agreed with the ex-humans' decisions to change; some wanted to 'keep humanity human'. At any cost.

Change of Plans

A mage is hired to take out a demon that's been terrorizing a nearby village. But will he succeed? (spoiler: no)